Posted by: chingwei | July 7, 2008

Animals Encounter

Sometimes I wonder whether am I living in a jungle or a developed housing estate. For the past 2 months, I have found new friends or is it they found me?

Lucky - Watch Dog In The Drain

Lucky - Watch Dog In The Drain

First of all, let me introduce my neighbour’s dog – Lucky. He isn’t that lucky after all after knowing me. His favourite hangout place of all the places in the world – the housing estate monsoon drain. Apparently, he is fascinated with the drainage & irrigation system that the housing estate has. He would spend his time exploring it & pops his head up from the drain. From time to time, I bet he has developed this new method to safeguard the house but most of the time, he will run away when strangers would to come near. What a dog. I sent this photo to the Star Thumbnails, unfortunately, I didn’t win. Lucky, you got to engage on more stunts in order for us to win.

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Posted by: chingwei | June 23, 2008

Amazed Kids With Solid Carbon Dioxide

Dry Ice

I managed to obtain a few cubes of dry ice at the end of last month as a result from buying ice-cream. Immediately, when I reached my aunt’s house, I took it out & dropped it into a cup of water. Clouds of smoke were created & I started my ‘magic’ to trick the kids. As usual, the joker managed to fool the kids. They were so amazed.

Ah… they will find out the real truth one fine day.

Posted by: chingwei | June 3, 2008

The Game Is On

Euro 2008 Ready

With less than a week to go before the start of the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship, the folks (namely the cronies) in the office are all ready for the event by placing the score sheet on the wall. Defending champion Greece will battle it out once again to retain their priceless victory 4 years ago. Germany on the other hand is the favourite to win the championship this time.

May the best wins.

Posted by: chingwei | May 27, 2008

Can I Have My Desk Here?

The Fountain of Wealth

I had the opportunity to enter Suntec Tower for a week. I must say I was very much fascinated & felt in love with the place where I sat for the whole week. Every break, regardless it was breakfast, lunch or tea, I spent a few minutes gazing out of the window & relax myself by looking at one of the most favorable venue in Singapore – The Fountain of Wealth. It was a totally different perspective when I viewed it from above.

“The inward flowing water of the fountain was used for two reasons. Water is known as the symbol of life and wealth in Chinese culture and the inward motion of the water symbolises the retention of wealth for Suntec City. According to feng shui experts (Chinese geomancers), the water flowing inwards represents riches pouring in, thus the name Fountain of Wealth.” (Source : Wikipedia)

Posted by: chingwei | May 17, 2008

Isn’t She Beautiful?

Downtown Core View

I can just sit the whole night on the balcony & admire the Downtown Core view from the 7th floor. The downtown core is the civic and business district of Singapore. The view is simply marvelous.

Posted by: chingwei | May 9, 2008

Promising Series Of Numbers

Auspicious Numbers

The moment I sat down in the driver seat of my car this morning, a series of numbers caught my attention. I noticed a very auspicious number on my car dashboard. I wonder how auspicious the next 24 hours would be.

Next month, she would be going for her regular maintenance program. She has covered well over 28,888 kilometers (17,950 miles). How much more can she manage?

Posted by: chingwei | May 7, 2008

Cronyism Days Are Over

It comes to a point in time where you have to accept the fact the cronyism days are over. Those days where you can expect luxurious preferential treatment first compared to others would be gone. Those days where you can communicate freely & act without fear knowing that you have all the protection with the group of cronies would be gone as well. Those days where you know you can rely on your men to accomplish the job would be gone too.

It will take years, perhaps never again to recruit back & train the team of cronies where we long stood proudly for the past years. Days without cronies would be less entertaining & tough in some ways which I shall foresee but I hope not for long. Till all of us meet again to start the new empire.

Posted by: chingwei | April 13, 2008

Lions, Lions, Lions

I was cleaning the house this very morning & suddenly I heard giddy beat of drums not very far from a distance. Sounds like a lion dance troop, but is it really a lion dance in the month of April? Chinese New Year was way over. I can’t recall any business opening ceremony in the housing estate. The housing estate has never organised any lion dance competition before. Still puzzled, I went out of my house to witness what happened.

8 Lions

This is what I saw – A parade of 8 lions dancers. Looks like a scene from Chinatown but in actual fact, it is from Tanjung Tokong.

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