Posted by: chingwei | August 8, 2008

For The New Mr And Mrs Chan

It is an auspicious today – 8th August 2008. Besides the Olympics, it is also a significant day for a close friend of mine who has the same name initials with me. We fought for the same login ID & also there’s one super misunderstanding when I was asked to coordinate his package delivery because of the almost the same name similarities. Despite all the commotion, I told him, I would be there for the day of his life. That’s what friends are for right?

I knew him 4 years ago. We worked in the same office for a year before I left the office first. Then she came in to fill my position. Coincidence or fated? The rest is history from that day onwards.

Congratulations Eric & Isabel

Congratulations Eric & Isabel

Eric & Isabel, wishing both of you a new beginning & eternal happiness. Congratulations.



  1. So people with your same initials also gotten married.. when is your turn?!?!?! 😀

  2. I don’t know

  3. His one, coming soon already 🙂

  4. How sure are you?

  5. just guessing. haha. Manatau lu nanti satu bomb ke rumah saya 😛

  6. He is now taking trial exam . 😀

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