Posted by: chingwei | July 7, 2008

Animals Encounter

Sometimes I wonder whether am I living in a jungle or a developed housing estate. For the past 2 months, I have found new friends or is it they found me?

Lucky - Watch Dog In The Drain

Lucky - Watch Dog In The Drain

First of all, let me introduce my neighbour’s dog – Lucky. He isn’t that lucky after all after knowing me. His favourite hangout place of all the places in the world – the housing estate monsoon drain. Apparently, he is fascinated with the drainage & irrigation system that the housing estate has. He would spend his time exploring it & pops his head up from the drain. From time to time, I bet he has developed this new method to safeguard the house but most of the time, he will run away when strangers would to come near. What a dog. I sent this photo to the Star Thumbnails, unfortunately, I didn’t win. Lucky, you got to engage on more stunts in order for us to win.

Nameless Monkey On The Run

Nameless Monkey On The Run

Next up, the monkey business. Remember my last post about monkeys? Well, well. Seems like they managed to track me down without any high tech devices. Few weeks ago, I saw 2 of them hanging on the cables shouting & rocking them. Are they trying to send some sort of a signal back to their tribe indicating that they have found the idiot who ran away with the oranges? Are they back with a vengeance? Time will tell.

Back Door Cats

Peaches - Back Door Cats

Subsequently, the back door cats (not to-be confused with a boy band). I called them Peaches. Peaches do nothing except to purr & purr & purr whole night. The sound of their purring sometimes sends a shiver up my spine especially late night. The 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar is fast approaching. I have to learn to differentiate the purr & some other sound fast.



Last but not least, my friend’s pet – Reno. I visited an old friend who came back from the capital for a 2 day break last weekend. Reno seems to be more surprised when he saw me. He barked at first but after a few minutes, he came & licked my toes & in the end my whole foot. Simply adorable. He even stayed still when I wanted to snap a photo of him. In fact all of the above animals stayed still except for the monkey. Anyway, Reno thinks he is in Hollywood.

There you go. Four different individual animals, three species, two domestic pets & one joker who is an animal lover. What’s new?



  1. Lucky looks so curious with your surrounding…

    The monkeys..well I think they can smell the oranges & gather the entire colony to hunt for you.

    Peaches looks exactly like Giggs.

    Reno, adorable but too furry for me *gillie*

  2. Lucky, updated with more pics. This time he looks blur.

    Monkeys, expected they would be able to hunt me down. I am all prepared.

    Peaches & Giggs, could be long lost twins.

    Reno – you like skinny dogs like Lucky?

  3. I like big dogs like for example the size of a Labrador Retriever.

  4. The dog pic is funny, nice position 🙂

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